The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the ways organisations are operating and the education sector has to find workarounds in delivering this service. NAMCOL, being an open, distance and eLearning institution, with a learner intake of 35 275 students this year had to explore solutions in ensuring that our operations as well as teaching and learning are not disrupted due to the uncertainty of the virus existence.

The uncertainty of the virus and the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 in Namibia, together the measures put in place by our government, NAMCOL ( in its effort to assist the government in finding workable solutions has collaborated with Edudite Consultancy India ( and Sanskriti University India ( to launch an online android development and training programme for a group of specially-selected students from the College.

In support of the social distancing norms and the influence of technology in the teaching and learning process, the collaboration will enable students interested in an ICT career to receive training in the area of software development to help the country, it’s citizens and the government to take a step towards fighting the COVID-19. The training will be facilitated online through an India-based professor from Sanskriti University.

The program was launched through an Online Panel discussion that took place on Tuesday, 14th July 2020 where guests participated and presented their views on the topic: “Effects of COVID-19 on Education Sector & the Role of Technology”

The theme of the discussion revolved around seeking out opportunities during the pandemic period through innovation and technology for the betterment and welfare of the society and learners around the globe by forging cross-border collaborations.

The Collaborators have further afforded the selected students a chance to further their studies by offering a 50% scholarship discount on tuition fees at Sanskriti University in their fields of interest.

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