The Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) scholarships for secondary education (SE) learners are still open for application.

This is according to NAMCOL’s southern regional administrator, Conny Samaria.

Samaria told Namibian Sun that the scholarship application will close on 15 January 2021, giving room for learners currently waiting for their final results to apply.

N$300 000 is annually set aside to fund SE learners each year.

“Customery, it is the regional Councillors that facilitate the application process within each region,” Samaria explained.

This includes handling of the application process, establishment of the ad hoc Evaluation Committee as well as evaluating the merits of the application before forwarding the list of deserving nominees to NAMCOL.

“We believe the regional Councillors are best suited to make such determination as they know the plight of their communities better,” he said.

The scholarship scheme is only designed to pay for NAMCOL tuition and excludes any other cost.

It is aimed at assisting needy and vulnerable learners from disadvantaged backgrounds enrolled at NAMCOL. This marks four years since the decentralisation of the NAMCOL Secondary Education Scholarship.


1. Applicants who are employed and earn more than N$3 000 will not be considered. Pay slips must be provided.
2. Applicants whose parents/legal guardians earn more than N$3 000 per month will not be considered.
3. Applicants must submit full birth certificates and death certificates in cases where parents is/are deceased.
4. Applicants who are unemployed or whose parents/legal guardians is/are unemployed should submit a police declaration to support application.
5. Applicants must submit the following documentation:
– Certified copy of ID/Birth Certificate
– Certified copy of Grade 11 or Grade 12 certificate or statement of results of highest grade completed.
– Any other documentation to substantiate your eligibility for scholarship.

Application forms and relevant information can be found on all NAMCOL regional offices or at your nearest constituency office and should be hand delivered at the specific constituency office.