NSSCO Examinations take place in October/November every year. The National Examinations, Assessment and Certification Board of Namibia lays down the requirements for registration to sit for NSSCO examinations. Such requirements change from time to time. Hence, learners are advised to consult the DNEA booklet on examinations. More information can be obtained from the Heads of the local examination centres or the Examination Officers at the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

The preliminary registration list is available at each examination centre (Examination Dates will be announced). Learners must go to the centres before the end of June to check whether their personal information is correct. This is the last chance for them to rectify any errors, for example wrong birth dates, wrong subjects, and so forth.

Please Note

  1. NSSC Agriculture consists of 3 compulsory examination papers:
    • Paper 1: Multiple-choice questions
    • Paper 2: Structured questions
    • Paper 3: Practical assessment:

It is very important for learners to know that the practical assessment (Paper 3) should be done through face-to-face sessions conducted throughout the year. Each learner is required to carry out practical exercises of which 5 should be assessed by a tutor as part of Paper 3. Learners who fail to carry out these exercises will get an incomplete result.

  1. All NSSC language first-time takers are required to do the oral assessment early in September. However, re-sit candidates may transfer their marks from the previous year (2020).
  2. Learners must sit for all examination papers, otherwise they will obtain an incomplete result.