NAMCOL provides study opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth. The College`s core activity has traditionally been its programme of Secondary Education (SE), which enables those who cannot or do not wish to attend formal schools to study for the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC or Grade 12). Since 2004, Tertiary Programmes were introduced for students who wish to pursue studies after Grade 12.

Due to the change in the national secondary curriculum, NAMCOL offers Grade 12 in 2020.

The following programmes are on offer:

* Secondary Education (SE)

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education programme is intended for learners who have been unable to gain admission to the formal education system for Grade 12 (NSSC). It is open to both out-of-school youth and adults. The objective is to allow these target groups to study at their own pace and convenience in order to complete their NSSC certificates.

Subjects on offer:
Grade 12 (Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate)

The following is the list of subjects on offer, with the respective examination subject codes for Grade 12:

Subject (NSSCO) Code
Accounting 4345
Afrikaans 2nd Language 4115
Agriculture 4321
Biology 4322
Development Studies 4331
Economics 4347
English 2nd Language 4116
Geography 4332
History 4333
Mathematics 4324
Oshikwanyama 1st Language 4105
Oshindonga 1st Language 4106
Otjiherero 1st Language 4107
Physical Science 4323
Rukwangali1st Language 4108
Silozi 1st Language 4111
Khoekhoegowab 1st Language 4104
Subject (NSSCH) Code
Accounting 8335
Biology 8321
Business Studies 8336
Economics 8337
Geography 8330
History 8331
Mathematics 8323
Oshikwanyama 1st Language 8304
Oshindonga 1st Language 8305
Physical Science 8322
Rukwangali1st Language 8306

Subjects on offer:
Grade 11 (Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate)

The following is the list of subjects on offer, with the respective examination subject codes for grade 11:

Subject (NSSCO) Code
Accounting 8244
Afrikaans 2nd Language 8201
Agriculture Science 8222
Biology 8223
Business Studies 8245
Chemistry 8224
Development Studies  
Economics 8248
English 2nd Language 8202
Entrepreneurship 8247
Geography 8233
History 8234
Khoekhoegowab 8190
Mathematics 8227
Otjiherero 8193
Physics 8225
Rukwangali 8194
Subject (NSSCH) Code
Rumanyo 8195
Oshindonga 8192
Oshikwanyama 8191
Silozi 8197
Thimbukushu 8198

Higher Level Subjects (NSSCH)

The College offers the following subjects on higher level as part of the PETE programme:

Northern Regional Office
Business Studies
Physical Science
Southern Regional Office
Physical Science
Central Regional Office
English 2nd Language
Physical Science
North-Eastern Regional Office
English 2nd Language
Rukwangali 1st Language
Physical Science


Learners who sat for the national examinations of those subjects before, qualify to apply. Learners who obtained a D symbol and above also qualify to apply.