Kareree, a learner from Opuwo failed Grade 12 at Augustinium High School in 2008 with a meagre 16 points, yet today, she is enrolled at the University of Namibia (UNAM) where she is studying for an engineering degree. She fell, stood up and enrolled at the Namibian College of Open Learning’s (NAMCOL) Pre-entry to Tertiary Education (PETE) Programme in 2009 and at the end, obtained 31 points, a far-cry from where she was a year earlier. Hard work and dedication helped Kareree achieve this feat. Just look at the symbols for the four subjects she re-took: namely in English and Mathematics she improved from a D to a C symbol, respectively; In Physical Science she improved from an E to a B symbol, and Biology from an F to an A. She did exceptionally well.

The PETE programme focuses on the following key subjects: English 2nd Language, Mathematics, Biology and Physical Science. Basic computer training is also offered under this package.

NAMCOL is the “People’s College” and its record since its inception in 1998, speaks for itself. Operating under the auspices of Ministry of Education, NAMCOL has surprised friend and foe with its results and innovations, especially in the open and distance learning field where it has not only taken its rightful place in the Southern Africa where it is considered as a leading Institution but also worldwide.

This is manifested in the various international awards it has received in open and distance learning (for being an Institution of excellence and for best interactive web-based lessons), as well as local accolades it continuously receives from current and former learners.

NAMCOL started off by providing secondary education to those who could not attend the formal system, but today it offers education to the masses with an average annual enrolment of 28 000. In addition, NAMCOL offers professional development courses to Namibians in careers such as local and regional government, community and youth development, business management, early childhood development as well as addressing the needs of the orphans and vulnerable members of our communities.

In short, NAMCOL is filling the void left by the colonial dispensation in terms of equitable provision of education. NAMCOL is now firmly addressing the socio-economic circumstances of our people by taking education to the people.

NAMCOL, with its dedicated and well-trained academic full-time and part-time staff, has provided a platform for the learners to reach their dreams.

You can fulfil your dreams by enrolling in 2021 at NAMCOL. For more information, contact your    nearest    NAMCOL  Centre