Due to COVID-19 and the fear of the spread of the virus, NAMCOL has decided to introduce a booking system for learners at high-risk centres. These are centres in major towns and cities where huge crowds congregate to enrol. The idea is that learners call numbers provided and book a day and time for their enrolment. This will prevent hordes of people congregating at NAMCOL offices and centres like in the past. The centres and numbers are available on our website, or call 061 3205111 to get the number of the area you are in.
Due to the change in the national secondary curriculum, NAMCOL will for 2021 only offer Grades 12 (old Curriculum) and Grade 11 (new Curriculum). Learners with Grade 10 can enrol for Grade 12, but will only be able to take three subjects. Grade 12 will be offered for the last time in 2021.
The enrolment period for the 2021, Academic Year is as follows: Starting of Enrolment: Monday, 15 February 2021 Closing of Enrolment: Wednesday, 03 March 2021 Learners wishing to enrol with NAMCOL should bring the following documents along:
 Proof of Identity (ID card; passport; driver’s licence; birth certificate)
 Original certificate of your highest educational qualification[s]; or
 The original Statement of Results for the most recent examination you sat; [Certified copies of these documents are not acceptable]
 Study Permit [applicable to foreign nationals only];
 One passport- size photo, and
 Statement of entry (applicable to learners enrolled with NAMCOL during the 2004-2020 academic years.
A friendly reminder to our potential customers; our experience is that learners and parents usually wait until the last day of enrolment and usually come in big numbers to the enrolment points. Waiting until the last days of enrolment might disadvantage you by not finding study materials. THE ENROLMENT PERIOD WILL NOT BE EXTENDED
Since last year, NAMCOL no longer offer face-to-face classes. It has been replaced with block tuition. Block Tuition is offered during school holidays and take place only five weeks of the year. Three weeks in May and two weeks in August.
NAMCOL uses part-time tutors from the formal education system and this poses some challenges in terms of commitment, enthusiasm and high absenteeism, which in many ways affects the academic performance of our learners.With his approach tutors are not engaged in other formal educational activities and can focus on the learners’ academic performance.Centres where the Block Tuition will be offered are available on our website Block Tuition sessions that will take place from 26 April – 14 May and again from 16 – 27 August 2021.
The tuition fees for Grade 12 is N$300.00 per subject plus a N$90.00 non-refundable registration fee. Learners will receive eth full package of materials. If we run out of material, learners will still be able to enrol for the subjects of their choice, but they will be provided with a USB containing the study guides in soft copy. They can then either print the books at their own cost or use a computer or laptop to peruse the study guides.
In addition, learners receive the following basic package:
 A full set of NAMCOL study guides for each subject and/or textbooks;
 Five weeks of Block Tuition per year.
 Two assignments; and
Self-supervised study halls (where available).
To make enrolment accessible to all, we have Enrolment Points countrywide. (See list of enrolment points on
Yes, we do. NAMCOL wishes to encourage learners and members of the public with special needs and who wish to complete their secondary education to come and enrol with NAMCOL. Just make sure that during the enrolment process, you indicate to the Enrolment Officers that you have special needs and indicate those needs. For the visually impaired for example, NAMCOL provides all their study materials in braille.
The fees learners pay when enrolling with NAMCOL DOES NOT INCLUDE NATIONAL EXAMINATION REGISTRATION. National examination is the responsibility of the Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment [DNEA], which is operating within the Ministry of Education. DNEA is responsible for ALL NATIONAL EXAMINATION related matters. They conduct the registration for examinations, set examination papers, determine the dates for examinations, release examination results, and very importantly, determine the FEES for examination registration. The Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment has set different dates and different fees to register for examinations for 2021. Registration for examinations, the period for checking preliminary entries and the collection of admission permits will be as directed by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.
NAMCOL also offers the Pre-Entry to Tertiary Education Programme (PETE). PETE is offered by NAMCOL to learners who intend to pursue further studies in Natural Science, Social Science and Commerce at Institutes of Higher Learning. Please note that the closing period for this ended 5 February already.WE also offer textbooks in our bookshops, mostly used by the formal schools, as our books are approved by the curriculum specialists at NIED. On our campus radio, we offer radio lessons which compliments the print materials (books). Also, we will start airing TV lessons as an additional learning mode from February. It`s important to mention that with the onset of COVID-19, the College had to adjust its way of presenting schooling. The Notesmaster platform is designed to address an online offering of contents for learners in a variety of subjects now covering the primary grades as well. Learners can register on the website, and get the benefit of online learning.
Yes, the College offers the following subjects on higher level at PETE centres only
Study permits; this is a national directive issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration that all students of foreign origin MUST first apply for Study Permits at the Ministry before approaching any educational institution for enrolment; they need to have the following documents:
• Passport valid for at least a year,
• Identification Document,
• A valid Visa (if required),
• Police Clearance,
• Highest educational qualifications certified by Namibia Qualifications Authority and
• A Medical Clearance Report.>/br> For any further information, you may call the Regional Office responsible for your region or Head Office in Windhoek or access our website at or our Facebook Page.
Contact Person at Head Office:
Mr. F. Kaukungua
Marketing & Information Officer
NAMCOL Head Office
Tel: [061] 320 5213

Northern Region
Mr. L. Bock
NAMCOL Regional Office
Tel: 065 - 233 780

North Eastern Region
Ms. N. Afunde
NAMCOL Regional Office
Tel: 066 – 255 545/7

Central Region
Ms. D. Haufiku
NAMCOL Regional Office
Tel: 067 - 304 379

Southern Region
Mr. C. Hinanifa
NAMCOL Regional Office
Tel: 061 – 320 5236
Jetu Jama